Service Evaluations

Attention restaurant and bar owners!

How's your service?  What kind of feed back do you hear about your guests experiences?

How many negative yelp and trip advisor reviews do you have?  

What do you mean you ignore them?!

When was the last time you took an objective look at how things run in your restaurant? Is your host present and pleasant? How long are your waitstaff greet times?  How about your drink times?  Ticket times?  What is the overall FEEL to your restaurant and your valued guest experiences?

I apologize for all the question my friends, however if you are not digging deeper to insure your restaurant is nailing all the above and much more, you risk seeing visitors ONCE.  

Not one of us in this business can afford that.

Here is where I come in...From the time I arrive at your restaurant, I evaluate EVERYTHING. From the parking lot upon arrival, and back to the parking lot when I leave.

I am a guest dining in your restaurant, and my 4 decades in this business can pinpoint what is holding you back from being an outstanding restaurant instead of an "okay" restaurant.

Parking lot cleanliness. lighting, host greeting, steps of service, quality of food and drink, restaurant cleanliness and how are everyone around me being treated.

My visit can uncover gaping holes in your business or even just a few tweaks to bring you to the next level.

Back to those pesky Yelp and other review sites; I get it. They are a thorn in your side and a distraction.  But here is the thing...They are not going away AND todays restaurant guests WILL use them to decide where to eat.  If your overall public evaluations are poor, it will hurt you.  If 4 out of 10 reviews talk about the rude host greeting, guess what?  You have a rude host. Ask the restaurant owner that is littered with awesome reviews how THEY like them.  Together we can get those scores up and increase your foot traffic.

For the past 3 decades I have operated restaurants.  I am well versed in what to look for, and even the most seasoned operator sometimes has blinders on, that when removed, can yield great discoveries and solutions.

My rates for a typical visit are $30 an hour and that is typically a 2 hour visit, plus an hour to generate the report and an hour to meet with you to discuss my findings and my action plan.

Beyond that, reimbursement for myself and guests dinner check is required...I will refrain from a $200 bottle of wine on my visit!  Do the math and then give me a call!  You can't afford to NOT spend about $200 - $250 for a professional, unbiased service evaluation.


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