Bar Spotting Service

(Weeding the Garden)

I often get asked from bar and restaurant owners, what they should do if they feel one of their employees is stealing from them.

While we hope that we hire the best and most honest people we can, there are some times we have the wrong people in our restaurants.  Our business is tough enough already, without someone skimming off the top!

So what ARE you to do?


Hire an expert!

Before my 27 years of managing restaurants, I was a full time bartender for 10 years. It is safe to say that I know all the tricks that move your assets into your employees pockets.

In the Weeds can provide a spotting service, or sometimes we refer to it as "weeding the garden", that can save you time and money.

If you, as a bar or restaurant owner were to sit at your bar, and be INVISIBLE to your staff, what would you discover?  Do you really want to know?  Of course you do!  You would see everything that you don't see when they know you're around!  However, you cannot perform this service yourself.  They know you and they also behave differently in your company.

This is where I come in.  I arrive at your location as a guest.  My eyes watch every move of the questionable employee, and I take notes...On my phone...The bartender is sure I am just in a heated text exchange with someone.  All the while, I grab a bite, have a couple drinks and compile enough data to generate a detailed and useful report for you.

The report gives a play by play rundown of activity.  Everything from using the no sale key to "ring up drinks", and other POS shenanigans, to how many free cocktails went out during my visit BEYOND what I consider to be a tolerable acceptance level by owners that bartenders use to reward guests for being regulars. There are dozens of ways to steal, and I know them all.

So you think you run a tight inventory?  There are many ways for a veteran thief to get around your controls.  Do you have an employee who's drawer is always short? Or worse yet, always over?  You need an independent service to find out why, and if you are unsure WHY over is worse, we need to talk.

Must be expensive, right?

How much does it cost you each day you have an employee ripping you off?  A busy bar, and a seasoned dishonest bartender can lift $100 a shift.  Easily!

My spotting rate is $30 an hour.  Typical visits are 3 hours.  Generating the report is typically another hour, and reimbursement for my bar tab.  If you are outside a 35 mile radius of Saratoga Springs, I charge .45 cents a mile for the visit.

All in its usually about $150 to $175 for a complete report, which not only includes WHAT your employee did, but solutions and advice on what to do next as well a "Theft risk assessment". 

I recap how MY visit went from a guest perspective as well, so you can not only know if you have a dishonest employee, but you also find out how they are treating your customers.

Then there is this...If your suspicions are unfounded, you then get a piece of mind that your employee is doing the right thing, so you can worry about something else!

If you're not concerned about theft, but the overall service of your restaurant, I can secret shop for you.  From the time I get out of my car, until the time I get back in...A full service evaluation. Same rates apply.

Contact me today at 314-369-1796

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