Pre-Health inspection service

How was your last state Health inspection?

Be honest with yourself on this question. Does the sight of a person with a lab coat and clip board walking in your back door elicit  fear and chills?

If you are one of those operators that runs around like a chicken with their head cut off when a server tells you the inspector is at the front door, then you may need a pre-health inspection...Inspection. With the public able to read all the inspections in the area, it is not only embarrassing to get a bad report, it is down right unsafe. You WILL benefit from a fresh pair of eyes in your restaurant.

Here is what I do;

I can research your last 3 or 4 visits and evaluate where your past AND recurring problems are. I can also forecast when that visit may be. Beyond that I can provide a 360 degree inspection in advance of "the real one", to get your teams habits changed in time so when the state comes to your door, you are ready.

My 3 decades in Restaurant Management has given me the tools to dig in to find things you may be missing but the health department doesn't.  I have a track record of delivering more zero violations that many operators have years in business...Services and pricing are as follows;

Level 1; I will visit your restaurant BEFORE the doors are open for business. I will inspect your entire facility and report on things like: Cleanliness, Food storage issues, facility issues, and more...This is a baseline inspection and in reality only covers about 50% of what inspectors look for. You will receive a written report.

Level 1 pricing is $125

Level 2; I arrive and observe service. Health inspectors ONLY want to observe service. I will take temperatures, observe staff habits, which by the way is where literally ALL of your infractions come from...I will test dish machine and sanitizer buckets for proper chemicals, I will inspect walk in coolers and reach in coolers for proper storage and over all cleanliness. I will attempt to hit every button a state inspector would hit. You will also receive a report with my findings and a game plan to fix the violations. Level 2 pricing is $250

Level 3...Everything in level 2, but also with a 2 hour recap of my findings with your team members. This would help you, the busy operator, deliver the message to your key people. Level 3 pricing is $350

I also discuss with the team how to behave when following the inspector. What do you mean you don't follow the inspector? In short, there is a way to do this that HELPS your score...Your score is public and more restaurant patrons use these public scores to decide where to eat. It is Important for your reputation. However running an "inspection ready" facility is just good business practice. Not only will it take the stress level down, it can save you from making someone ill...or worse.

Call me today to schedule a no obligation sit down visit to discuss a plan.

Mike Hughes


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