Who is Mike Hughes?

Starting my restaurant journey in 1979, my career path has led me to every conceivable Restaurant position there is.   A kitchen and FOH career that spans almost 4 decades. The past 27 of those years I've been Management and 15 of those at the GM level. I have worked at 8 corporate concepts and endured (enjoyed) 8 MIT training programs over 3 states and dozens of properties.  I will NEVER say I have done it all, seen it all or KNOW it all.  None of us ever will. My goal is to share stories and discuss best practices in my Restaurant Blog.  I also offer a consultation service that includes service evaluations and bar spotting.  Let me see your business through the eyes of a guest, with a background of decades of identifying service and employee issues. And unlike most guests, I can evaluate and provide you with a road map to FIX your business.


If you take a minute and peruse my blog, you'll get twisted insights from my past 27 years managing restaurants. 

Over that time, I have filled my toolbox with some useful goodies and while some of it may not be new

to you, it's all good, helpful and practical stuff.  I am not reinventing the wheel here by any means. 

My background has taken me from $30,000 a week stores to units doing $70,000 a DAY. 

A lot of craziness can happen at that level you can be sure.  If you found this blog and enjoyed it,

share it with your industry friends.  

Thanks for stopping by...Mike


Upstate New York

I commit to NOT abusing your email address.  It won't be sold and you won't get crap.  I respect and are grateful you are here in the first place.

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